Whenever you upload information on a web hosting server, it will need a certain amount of storage space on the hard disk depending on its overall size. When you operate a script-driven site which stores its data in a database, it will take more space, the more people make use of it. To give an example, if you have a message board, the greater amount of responses people write, the larger the database gets. Email messages, in particular ones having attachments, also require some disk space in the website hosting account. The HDD space quota that you get with any cloud web hosting supplier is the overall amount of data you may have at any given moment, which contains website files, e-mail messages and databases. Likewise, a personal computer has a hard disk and the programs installed on it and all the docs and / or music files that you generate or download take some space, which can't surpass the total capacity of the hard disk drive.
Disk Space in Cloud Web Hosting
All our cloud web hosting packages were made with the concept that lack of disk space can't be a thing that will reduce the development of your sites. That's why we have applied a technique which is different from the one that most hosting providers take - rather than generating a range of accounts on a single server and eventually running out of hard disk space, we use a cloud hosting platform where the storage space is taken care of by a wide collection of servers. Because of this, we can always connect more machines if they are necessary and / or more hard disk drives, so as to supply more disk space for the files of our customers. Different clusters control your email messages and your databases, consequently not only is it possible to develop your web sites without having to worry about space, but also all the servers will perform faster and better as each service has its own storage space and one server does not handle various types of files.