A web accelerator is a software which accelerates an Internet site, normally by caching its content. There are various types of accelerators, but in the common case this kind of applications cache static content or database responses and provide them instead of the server, hence enhancing the performance of a website drastically. The latter is possible because accelerator applications work faster than a web server and not simply will a site function better, but the server load shall also decline, which will allow you to run heavy Internet sites with less system resources. We provide three web accelerators with our hosting solutions, which will enable you to accelerate any kind of website. In comparison, most web hosting companies don't offer any web accelerators or provide one, which limits your choice of web apps in the event that you would like to use this type of software.
Web Accelerators in Cloud Web Hosting
When you host your websites within a cloud web hosting account from our company, you'll have 3 popular web accelerators to choose from if you'd like to enhance the sites' functionality. Memcached is employed for database-driven Internet sites and it caches the calls and requests between a site and its database, so it can reduce the load of such websites considerably. Varnish caches whole pages the first time a website visitor opens them and delivers them from there on if the same site visitor opens them again. It does that much faster than the hosting server, so it can easily increase the loading speed of any site nearly 300%. Node.js is an object-oriented platform for real-time applications that operates on the server and not inside the visitor's browser. It is employed for accommodation booking, chats and other programs where loads of data has to be processed in real time. The availability of the accelerators depends on the hosting solution which you choose - they might come by default or as an upgrade. In both cases, you shall be able to add more instances or more memory for each of them.